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Tom Shea

Tom Shea

Tom Shea

Account Manager

Year started at JC: 2014

Tom’s Position and Core Responsibilities:

As a Landscape Enhancement Foreman, Tom is responsible for improving the appearance of clients’ properties through maintenance and improvements.

As a Snow and Ice Area Manager, Tom is responsible for overseeing field operations in a specific location during all winter activities such as snowstorms and de-icing events.

Educational Background, Certifications, Awards, and Credentials:

Tom is a graduate of Norwood High School. He also attended Massasoit Community College. Tom holds a 2A hoisting license, a Pesticide Applicator’s License, and is First Aid Certified.


Tom enjoys collecting movies, playing softball, spending time with his mom in Florida, and spending time with his girlfriend.

Personal Goal for the Next 5+ Years:

Tom looks forward to becoming a homeowner and starting a family.

Professional Goal for the Next 5+ Years:

Tom hopes to graduate to a management role. He also looks forward to receiving his MCLP (Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional).

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